A Brief Reflection on the Historic Context, Social Relevance, Design Influence, and Artisanship of Gilded Glamour

Alice Claypoole Vanderbilt in House of Worth “Electric Light” gown and battery-powered handheld torch
House of Worth “Electric Light” gown on display mannequin at exhibition, Gilded New York from 2013 to 2017. Image Credit ©The Museum of City of New York

The dress paid homage to Thomas Edison’s electricity distribution system, and worn by Alice Claypoole Vanderbilt to Vanderbilt Ball in 1883.

First Edition. The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today. Image ©thefirstedition.com
Book Cover. Gilded New York. Image © The Museum of City of New York
(Left) Multi-stone Fashion Object displayed at exhibition Gilded New York. Image ©The Museum of City of New York (Right) Hand painted pattern design with bejeweled motif by Studio Giorgio Taroni Disegni. Italy. Late 20th Century. Image ©Design Library
(Left) Original Pattern Design HOJ0K-A03 ©HOUSE OF JUNE™ (Right) Chef Melissa King wears nail guards by jeweler Chris Habana. Image ©Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Versace halter-neck gold-chain gown for Cardi B was such a labor of love, and an obsoletely spectacular display of skillful works of Versace atelier. Seven different kinds of metal chains were carefully interlaced with 250 iconic Versace Medusa medallions, logo elements, embroideries, beads and crystals.
The artisan workmanship requires a tremendous amount of attention to the minute details. The sumptuous design is the result of boundless imagination, skillful hands, and unmatched patience.
Print design “Laced Leopard Chain”, executed by LI IORDANOV DAN for Jennifer Lopez Collection. Image ©Kohl’s



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